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Safety-production-training day

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Safety production has always been a prerequisite for business operations and sustainable development. In the past year, all enterprises in Yuhuan City have been tightening the strings of safety-production, and the Safety-production-training was held in all the enterprises.

Our company actively cooperates with relevant government departments on the arrangements for safety-work-training. On the afternoon of October 19th, the special experts from Qinggang Township Security department, came to our company to hold a public safety training class. At the same time, more than 200 safety production knowledge books were provided for our staff to learn. More than 200 employees participated in the training. 

Before the the course, the experts reviewed the production processes and production equipment of our workshops, and explained the safety knowledge in detail for the current situation of our company. Mainly from the four aspects of safety awareness, safety production, traffic safety, fire prevention and saving. Focus on the basic knowledge of fire prevention, fighting and escape. The lecturer uses the pictures and videos in the ppt courseware to make it easy to follow.

This training has improved the safety awareness of our employees, and provided strong support for the development of our safety production standardization work. It also urges every department and workshops to make changes and to become better.

Our company will adhere to the basic policy  safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management of China. To keep the working condition safe and proceed smoothly.

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