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Blood donation

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On the morning of March 21, 2019, the fifth season of unpaid blood donation activities organized by Kangyi Sanitary Ware officially held in the company.

On the same day, the company's Ministry of Enterprise with the Yuhuan City Blood Donation Office and the staff of the Taizhou City Center blood station prepared table and chairs, gifts in the company's main gate, and waited for the arrival of the "heroes".



According to statistics, this time, a total of 70 family members were registered, 37 people  successfully donated blood, and the total donation of blood was 12,000 ml. The company specially prepared milk and snacks for them as a thank-you, thanked them for their kindness, and  their love for the company. Support for the event. Although many family members have not been able to donate blood for physical reasons, their willing heart were still precious.




On the spot, in front of the blood bus, the family members lined up a long queue. Under the organization of the Ministry of Enterprise and medical staff, a series of processes such as collection, testing, and blood donation were carried out in an orderly manner.


Till the end of this year, the voluntary blood donation activity has been carried out for five years in the company. This is not only the embodiment of the idea that leader Mr. Ying advocate "respecting the nature and loving others", but also the embodiment of Kangyi's "contribution to social development". It is also the embodiment of the selfless dedication of Kangyi people.

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