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Fifth skill Competition in KangYi

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From June 25th to July 2nd, the week-long “Skill Competition of Kangyi was heated held in Kangyi. This skill competition was held in 7 workshops , including Brass tube, casting, polishing, machining, assembly, quality control, and office for 10 items, which attracted more than 50 family members. After fierce competition, 28 employees stood out and won the prize.


On the day of the competition, in order to keep Impartial, the leader of each workshop become the judge and giving comments and points to every competitor. Some of them had a good result even for the first time.

 This time we still have sand-core making, R5 machine, pressure-test  through these kind competition we can tell the true ability of our workers.



 This year we also have polishing competition and office software competition.

 Talented person is the company's first competitive edge. As a traditional manufacturing enterprise, training of front-line talents is particularly important for the stability and healthy development of enterprises. To build a high-level, high-quality first-line skill-based talent team is the key to improving the competitiveness of our products in the market. Having this skill competition shows how much the company pay attention to our workers.