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General Manager Ying Guoping: Learning and practicing philosophy

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On July 12th, the company held a theme sharing session of "My Philosophy Learning and Practicing Road", which was delivered by General Manager Ying Guoping. The meeting invited about 180workers and leaders.


At 6 o'clock in the evening, the meeting officially began. At first, Mr. Ying introduced some well-known entrepreneurs in China who learn Inamori Kazuo, absorb the essence of Inamori Kazuo's management philosophy, and review a lot of photos of Kang Yi from the contact with Inamori management philosophy to all learning experiences till 2018. From 2016 to 2018, in this 3 years, we have difficult times and learned a lot. This is exactly what learning is .


Afterwards, Mr. Ying said after the company started to learn philosophy, we spent more than 10 months to discuss about the management points, and based on his own experience, he said learning requires a never-give-up heart.

Then, he emphasize his philosophical feelings after studying Inamori's philosophy, and he  focus on the importance of “'making efforts as much as anyone else do” in “Twelve Businesses” and show personally that everyone All should be “accomplishing good deeds and thinking about others”. All employees should participate in the management with the spirit of the master. Regarding the improvement of product quality, every employee must have the consciousness of “everything that goes through my hands and must be better”.

At last he asked all family members to participate in innovation and improvement, reduce costs, and promise that we will continue to making efforts as much as anyone else in the future to achieve a strong desire in the chest: to satisfy all Kangyi people  materially and spiritually. To build a respectful company.