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Kangyi Volunteer activities | “Red Vest” cleaning our factory

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On the morning of July 21st, the “Red Vest” of the Flame Volunteer Team gathered enthusiastically in the lobby of the company office building. This time they will carry out the “Clean Home Action” in the company. The meeting time agreed by the head of the Ministry of Enterprise was 7:20, but the family arrived early, so the "Great Cleaning" action began on the journey five minutes earlier.


On that day, more than 20 family members wore red vests in the company. The main purpose was to clean up the areas that were not managed by the 6S and the public areas. There aremany plastic bottles, paper shells, cans, food bags, etc.At last they must take proud of cleaning out a whole 16 bags of garbage.



This is the third time volunteer activity in Kangyi, we are so proud for their spirit.


Mr. Ying said “Cleaning has three meanings, first clean out the garbage second learn how to finish work, third improve our mind cleaning our mind and become a better person.”

Let’s preparing for the next activity.