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Kangyi organizes employees health checkup

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As the winter is coming,the company's annual health checkup is starting again!

On the morning of November 9, the bus of the medical examination institution was parked in the company. At 7:30, the employees of each workshop came to the medical examination one by one.

The medical examinations included blood tests, urine test, consultations, blood pressure, DR radiography, surgery, internal medicine, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, lung function tests, electrocardiogram, and other health consultation programs.

Different from previous years, this time has the detection of urine routines, and special blood tests have been carried out in more detail for different types of work. For example, for foundry workers, we have test of fasting blood glucose.


Throughout the physical examination process, the employees were queued in order, and the medical staff were enthusiastic and patient. A total of 109 employees participated in this medical examination.

For many years, the company has listed the annual health checkup as an important work plan, establishing health checkup files for employees, and paying attention to employes’ health. This is the embodiment of the company's caring for employees.